Donation Party 2014

We had such a fantastic evening full of wine, food and good company. Thank you to everyone who joined us and for your support. Guests were treated to a tasting from the following wineries:

Frank Family

  • Frank Family Reserve Chardonnay

DumOL Wines

  • DumOL Clair Chardonnay –  This was one of our favorites – it can be very hard to find this wine outside of the winery, however we did – Lucky us! This winery is a  great location to host a donation party.

Bremer Family Winery

Bremer is a wonderful family winery with lots of places to explore. Located on the slopes of Howell Mountain in the Napa Valley.


  • Bremer Chardonnay
  • Bremer Clarit


  • Hunnicutt Cabernet sauvignon

ZD Wines

  • ZD Wines Chardonnay

During the evening  guests also tasted Premium Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars from Pairings located in Roseville. Ending the evening with a delicious dessert was a huge hit. Click here for the Carrot Cake with Ginger Mascarpone Frosting Recipe by Ina Garten’sDELICIOUS!!


Thank you to Ivy Negal – A  Stella and Dot stylist (Jewelry) set up a pop-up shop so our guests can explore beautiful jewelry throughout the evening. Ivy also donated fabulous bobbles and we were able to earn points to buy Stella and Dot gems for donation.

This event was a success and a really great way to gather items for our upcoming auction. Each guest was asked to support the Active Auctioneers Foundation and bring a bottle of wine for donation towards the next event – January 10, 2015. SAVE THE DATE!

Golden Ticket Raffle


Whats a Golden Ticket Raffle?

Golden Ticket Raffles offer a limited number of higher price raffle tickets to win a high value prize, typically a choice of any live auction item.


  • Selling 100 tickets at $100 can be surprisingly easy for a buyer’s choice prize and can increase participation when significant numbers of attendees feel “priced out” of the live auction portion of the event.
  • The cost of the ticket: if half of your guests purchase a ticket, the revenue should equal or exceed the Fair Market Value of any of your live auction items, or at least most of them.
  • At your auction, the live auction item with the highest FMV is a weeklong trip to Hawaii, at $12000. You are expecting 300 guests. $12000 divided by 150 tickets is $80/tickets. This is the minimum price you should charge for a Golden Ticket!

During your event your Auctioneer will announce that anyone present could win any of the live auction items for a fraction of its Fair Market Value, by buying a Golden Ticket.

You should have someone well dressed and charismatic walk through the crowd with a roll of 2 part tickets and a clipboard. As tickets are sold, two pieces of information are collected

1.    Their bidder number

2.    Which live auction item they wish to win!

The first piece of information is written on a sales tracking sheet of paper on the clipboard, and on the ticket, which the seller keeps for the drawing.

The buyer is handed the other part, and wished good luck.

The ticket seller keeps the portions of the sold tickets with the bid and item numbers written on then until it is time to draw the winner, and takes the sheet with bidder numbers to the people entering sales into your database, at periodic intervals throughout the Golden Ticket sales window. The seller will now collect a fresh sheet and continue to sell.

You and your auctioneer will determine the best time and method for drawing the winner’s name. Make sure that you have closed sales 10-15 minutes before the live auction begins, to give your data entry people time to get the tickets sales entered and there is adequate time to designate what live item has been “Sold” 

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Five Tips for Getting Items Year Round


When a group doesn’t do a good job of managing procurement, volunteers feel out of control.  To ease the inevitable aggravation, start procuring quality items year round, using these tips.

1. After the charity auction, take time to write a wrap-up letter to donors with an additional thank you and auction results.  It will help plant the seed for next year’s ask.

2. Build your contact list by following your community’s business section for new businesses opening.  Flag those contacts in your database so you can customize a letter to them related to their first year in business.

3. Year round, have regular – if not as frequent – teleconferences with your committee to discuss procurement.  Discussion of past or upcoming school /nonprofit events can be a time to brainstorm on who will be there and what they said.  “Julie is going on vacation to Mexico,” you might learn, “We should ask them if they’ll ask the hotel for a donation.”

4. To keep it fresh, consider focusing on a different theme every month.  Travel now … food next.

5. Subscribe to at least one magazine or blog that targets your audience – or a developing section of your audience -so you can be more educated about their interests.  For example, if you intend to target an audience of 30-something men, make sure to read about electronics and technology.  You’ll key in on several items to add to your ask list that will be attractive to those guests.



SOLD! Welcome to the Beahm Auction Group blog


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